We have not yet gotten long term care insurance and am concerned

as well, about the questions like “what if I don’t qualify later due to health?” Dh and I both had a mother who had alzheimers for a number of years before passing. My maternal grandpa also had it so it seems there is some predisposition to it on that side. Dh’s mom had an aunt who seemed to have had it as well. We don’t want to wait to late to get it and not be able to qualify due to alzheimers or other illnesses, etc. We have only one dd, now 26, who will not be able to care for us physically due to her own physical issues. Dh is 57 and I am 51 so we are too far off the recommended age. I am anxious to read what others have done.

On another note, dh did take a positive financial step. He got us an umbrella policy for us. It covers anything that happens at home that is unrelated to work. He opted for $1 million in coverage. It was about $450/yr. for it. That will make us rest better. There is someone who is over at our home from time to time who used to be a friend and is now someone we tolerate. We are concerned he could be one who looks for ways to make “free” money if you kwim. He is not the reason we bought it though. We felt we needed it regardless of whether he is at our home or not.

Dh also shopped around for auto insurance on his truck which is part of our business. The ins. he had was going up enough to make him look around. He found some at Geico where we have our personal vehicles. They shaved quite a bit off State Farm. I think it was about $1000/year that we saved. That savings came about even with increasing the payouts we have for medical, etc.