The little things you mentioned like knowing your name, etc

is what we like about both banks but more so about the local. It is where we ended up getting our mortgage because they had the best terms, hands down. The other bank, Regions, is still somewhat like a small local bank. We know people personally at 1 branches and have 2 acquantainces at other branches. One of the friends is in some sort of manager position at her branch and has been helpful in overriding delays in getting to large checks that are deposited. At some level banks typically put a hold on checks and since she knows our business is run on cash only, she has been helpful in not having to wait on our own money that came from our own business… mostly dividends checks. We don’t plan on going anywhere.

We also found out recently about a local cabinet maker in town who apparently beats out the big box stores (bbs) on bids and uses better quality products. A couple we know is building a house and the contractor hired this guy to do the cabinets and did a superb job using real wood, not mdf or particle board. He came in about 1/2 of what Lowe’s bid. Another couple used him when they built a few months back. They love his work and it was quality products again, all real wood.

I bring that up to say that local is sometimes much better products/services than BBS and with better quality. Just thought it tied into the discussion about local/national banks. Don’t assume a local small business will cost more. Usually they answer to the local consumer not a board of directors. If the local consumer is not happy, they won’t be in business long, for the most part.