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Students grew EWB-MIT from a small group to an active organization of 40 working on sustainable water solutions for Ddegeya, Uganda


Engineers Without Borders-MIT (EWB-MIT) was created to fill a gap in the international development community at MIT and to take advantage of the vast resources available at the institution. Undergraduates Rebecca Heywood and Helen D'Couto helped grow EWB-MIT from a small group of students who hoped to take on a project to an active team of over 40 students working on water and energy solutions for the village of Ddegeya, Uganda. Over the past two years, EWB-MIT has traveled on two assessments trips to Ddegeya in order to foster a relationship with the community, hear their needs and conduct water quality tests, borehole assessments and household and community level surveys. EWB-MIT is now prepared to send a travel team to Uganda in order to implement the first stage of the project: improving the community's access to clean water.

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