My mother paid for many years and is still paying premiums for her LTC insurance. Her policy was purchased in the days before “Assisted LIVING” was in vogue. Her policy covers “NURSING HOME CARE”.
Essentially, assisted living is similar in cost and care of nursing homes, but enables the patient to enjoy more independence while still being cared-for and watched-over 24/7. It took 11 months to get the LTC Insurance to pay anything for her care, so we paid out-of-pocket $44,000.00 and even then, the LTC is only paying $45 a day for assisted living, when her policy would pay $90 a day for nursing home care. Problem is that she has Alzheimer’s but is not bad enough to qualify for nursing home care, and she would HATE giving up her assisted living apartment and all of the activities that they provide.
Also, if she were in a nursing home, the quarterly insurance premiums would cease.
My dealings with the LTC Ins. Co. has been very frustrating. I went to an Elder Care lawyer about Mother’s situation, and the lawyer basically said that there is no way to force them to pay their fair share. For myself and my husband, we plan to save as much as possible and pay our own way rather than purchasing LTC Ins.
If anyone has had any luck getting a LTC co. to pay full benefits for assisted living even though their policy reads “nursing home care”, PLEASE contact me.