Because of our station in life

kids grown, already retirement age it is all baby step 2 to us. So I can’t really advise you. How soon will you have kids going off to college? That could be a huge deciding factor. If the kids are still really young I’d say, just my personal opinion here, to get the rental paid off so you will have that money to help fund the future college/tech school fund. If they are in their teens, then I’d get the college fund done first.

If you can do it in Babystep 2, why wouldn’t you?

If your snowball has enough momentum and you have a relatively small pay off amount, I would weigh out how many months your continuing to defer retirement savings.
In all actuality, I would probably even consider splitting the snowball amongst retirement and an early payoff – so I guess that would be a slightly modified Babystep 2.