I understand the theory behind a small bank and a credit union

My main business account is with a small local bank where my funeral home is located and my business is probably amongst the first businesses they associated themselves with. My granddaddy in law used to tell stories about when the bank came to town in the first place. I stay for sentimental reasons, the fact that they know us by name and know everything about our account and the vendors we pay monthly and our other monthly expenses. It took them a long time to get debits, become part of the ACH system, electronic checks, bill pay etc and have many things like you note about “security”. I won’t get rid of them, but they aren’t my personal bank and never will be.

I don’t bank with nationwide banks like BOA, or Chase, I do use I guess what is called a regional bank, Suntrust. Maybe they are national… They are big enough to handle my international travel, I just made a phone call to tell them I would be out of the country and I noticed no difference in using my debit card in paying my hotel bills, travel excursions etc. Cash is easier for conversion though for most things so I don’t think that matters in banking terms. Shopping on line, electronic bill pay etc I’ve never had any problems with.

I originally started with internet only banks… ING, Emigrant Direct, there was another one which escaped me. I used them (as long as they were FDIC insured) just as placeholders, savings accounts, checking accounts as a way to put some distance in between my money and my shoe habit. Not for serious banking. ING has changed over the years, more mainstream, with the electric orange checking account and especially now since they have been purchased by Capital One. The bank I can’t remember closed I believe, I remember getting a check from them, and I put it into Emigrant Direct, back when they were really displaying super high interest rates. Again, not serious banking. I am trying PerkStreet for much the same reason, a place to park money so that its not close when the urge to buy a pair of Louboutin’s strikes. I like the fact that both checking and savings are available from the beginning, but I will say that its been over a week, and still no paperwork, no listing of my actual account number(s) so this might not bode well in the future if they make it almost impossible to deposit money.

I am not brave enough to go to a full fledged internet bank as my only bank. But a bank that allows you to conduct business globally is a good thing. If the bank restricts your transactions on obscure policies known only to them, that wouldn’t a good match make for me.

Remote deposit is a really wonderful thing to have

You can take a photo of any check you receive and deposit it immediately into your checking account. Because we have checks that come in on an irregular basis that won’t do direct deposit or paypal and we live 30 miles from the closest bank (other than the one in our small town that hasn’t even heard of an atm yet) remote deposit is a huge thing for us.
Often we can take the photo and within 5 minutes the deposit shows on our account online with #2 bank. If they weren’t the only bank we have that we could shop online with I’d make them my main bank.