My dh had a car repossessed in his early twenties

The company called us for years. I told them it was before we got married, so not my problem. 15 years after we were married, they sent him court documents and said they were going to attach his checking account. They got some money out of a checking account that we use as a pass through account to pay our car payment. Luckily on the day they attached to it the car payment wasn’t in there. Hopefully this collection is done, but you never know.

Zero balance budgeting is mentally challenging me

With every dollar having a name on paper it’s mentally challenging to see my paycheck go in and instantly be gone. I know that it’s because I’ve taken cash out to pay bills, moved money into savings, and paid bills, but it’s still just “gone” so fast.
I try to focus on how fat my envelopes are and that my debt snowball is going down, but I’m having hard time getting over the new way of budgeting where my checking account always looks bleak.
Anyone else struggle with that?

That seems crazy to me too

Do you remember what insurance you had at the time? If so I would call them and see what they can dig up. Ask if they can send you proof of what they paid. They may still have it in their system.

I don’t keep my EOB’s that long. Not 13 years anyway. I do have some from 5 years ago though.

Doctor bill from over 12 years ago

My daughter had tubes put in her ears when she was 13 months old, she is going to be 14 in a few months. I just got a bill in the mail from a lawyer looking for $60. The doctor she saw retired and he turned all his old collections over to this lawyer. I don’t even remember if I paid it or what the insurance covered. How long does everyone keep medical record information like that? This seems crazy to me. The lawyer’s office is looking over the records now to see what was paid, they did say if I don’t pay the $60 then I’ll incur court fees.. etc.