Sorry you’re having such major issues

I looked through that list of “can’t-do’s” and was just amazed you’ve put up with them for so long. I also would hesitate to go with either of the major national banks you mentioned – you already know of my profound hatred for Chase so I won’t go on that tirade. I have pretty much the same feelings about BofA for some similar reasons. But have you considered a national credit union? DH has had his money with Boeing Employee Credit Union forever, which is a regional credit union based here, and he never had any of the issues you mention with travel outside the state. Heck, he was spending money hand over fist in Manhattan a number of years ago when we went to a family reunion. – no credit check needed for online payday loans and there’s got to be some regional credit unions down there, particularly since Texas touts itself as the second biggest state, which you could tap into. Also, it used to be that a lot of these credit unions were restricted to employees only, or their family members, but that requirement has been lifted for a lot of banks. One more thing – there is a national credit union network, such that if you have membership at one credit union, you can do most of your banking at ANY credit union within that network. So for instance, out here, I have an account with Qualstar Credit Union (a very small state credit union for employees of certain companies), and then the Boeing Employees CU. I can go to a branch of either, and do my banking for that other CU. Hope that makes sense.

After all the issues I had with Chase, and a few similar issues with BofA, I’ll never bank at a regular “bank” again. I’m a credit union gal from here on out. But in any case, I hope you find something that works for you.

I would look into the % of inflation protection

How the elimination period is calculated – days (calendar or business) or weeks. The maximum lifetime benefit and whether or not it can be interrupted. Any cash benefits and how they are dispersed if needed.

The original question asked of me was whether or not the Premium was guaranteed, and upon looking at my information, the premium is indeed a lifetime guaranteed premium so while I’m starting off younger than recommended with a policy, I can’t complain.

I think for me, since I just have one child (and lately she’s not dependable), it is important that my policy can be used for in-home care, not just for facility placement. Coverage for me is 100% for both home health care and assisted living facility. This could quite possibly mean that I can stretch my lifetime benefit longer by resisting incarceration as long as possible.

I went to my insurer with a list of requirements for my policy, and crafted a policy which would meet my specifications. I understand that I will be able to tweak the policy over time and if there is a cost differential I can make those modifications as well.